The Ultimate All-Rounder

It was an ambitious idea which was to bear fruit with the Unimog and redefine the very concept and application of an all-terrain vehicle. The result rapidly became an international success and for more than 60 years, the Unimog has been the perfect embodiment of sturdiness, absolute reliability, longevity and economy.

Even after more than 370,000 vehicles produced, these virtues are no less important today than they were back when the Unimog was first built. Throughout the World, day by day, the Unimog is proving time and time again, that it is up to the task, in the most diverse topographic and climatic conditions imaginable. Whether as a highly flexible equipment carrier with interchangeable mounting equipment or whether as a superior cross-country vehicle, the Unimog has proved its worth time and again.

To the present day this basic concept has not changed in any way. But everything else about the Unimog has, from the headlights to the rear axle.