Unimog and Leistikow - a Partnership for Perfection

The development of the new Unimog model range U300/ U400/ U500 has led to the development of a new quality co-operation between Daimler AG and the equipment manufacturers:

The Equipment-System Partnership.
The co-operative development and testing being jointly carried out between Daimler AG and the equipment manufacturers guarantees customers with the highest expectations of the quality in the both the conception of our drive mechanisms and interfaces and of continued system development in the light of new technologies.

The Leistikow product range has been tested and approved by Daimler:

  • Transportable high pressure drain cleaners
  • High pressure flushing units for installation in panel vans
  • High pressure flushing and sewer CCTV for installation in panel vans
  • Sludge extraction units
  • Combined high-pressure flushing and extracting units with and without sewage water recovery
  • Component parts for drain and sewer cleaners