Mountain pass clearance in glorious weather

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Cleango 400, EZ 03/2010, Standort Heimstetten bei München

Henne Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH - Your competent partner for Unimog and more

Our whole world revolves around the Unimog, the all-rounder for the tougher challenges of everyday life. Even should the job require a smaller solution than the Unimog, we still can't be beaten; with our small trucks; narrow gauge vehicles; and narrow gauge equipment carriers, we always get the job done. With rapid-mounting accessories and superstructures, we can provide you with professional equipment for every application.

We don't give up, even in situations where others resignedly throw in the towel. Even for the trickiest situations, we always find an elegant solution. Most important of all, we are never far away, with six convenient locations situated throughout Germany:

You can find us in Bavaria at the following locations; Heimstetten near Munich, Wurmannsquick and Nürnberg, in Saxony, at the locations: Wiedemar near Leipzig and Kesselsdorf, and in Saxony-Anhalt at our location in Martinsrieth (Wallhausen).

Take this opportunity to get acquainted with our products and services. You will find that it has been time well spent. With our years of experience and our individually-tailored service packages, we are confident from the outset, that our relationship will prove to be a lasting one.